Going Out With Celebs.

Most London escorts are a bit vary of dating celebs. I have to admit when I first started to date celebs I was not sure that it was going to be for me. But, for some reason I took to celeb dating like a duck takes to water. Now, I am one of the few girls at our London escorts who are into dating celebs. I date both male and female celebs and I have to admit that I get a kick out if it. Almost all of my celeb dates ask me out for another date once we have been out for one date and that is great for my business.

What are the advantages of dating celebs? Celeb culture as I have started to call it, is of course a million miles away from charlotte London escorts culture. When you are out on celeb dates, people love nothing better than looking after you. I now finally understand where the expression sucking up comes from. Since I have been dating celebs I am always being treated to the best champagne and best food. That happens when I am not at London escorts as well. Many bar and restaurant owners right across London recognise me and are happy to look after me.

Do I tell my friends at London escorts about everything that goes on celeb dates? No, I don’t tell my friends at London escorts about everything that goes on when I go out on celeb dates. I really don’t want any of the other London escorts who work for our escort agency to start dating celebs. It is my specialty and I worked hard to get where I am today. Instead I often tell my friends that dating celebs is hard work and that soon puts them off.

I don’t know, but have you heard about swag bags. This is where you get a bag packed with lots of free goodies. They are freebies that various companies like to promote to celebs. Since I have been dating celebs, I have ended up with a lot of nice swag bags. Free stuff is one of the major advantages of dating celebs in the UK. My dressing table is packed with all of the best makeup, perfumes and body lotion. I simply love it, but I never tell any of my London escorts friends where I get all of this stuff from.

Do celebs give London escorts tips? Yes, they do and you get some really amazing tips. Celebs are really concerned about their image and it would be fair to say that they don’t want you to kiss and tell. That is why so many of them are generous with their tips. I save up all of my tips and I do try to put them to good use. Do I get better tips than other London escorts? Yes, you bet that I do and I lovelove it. Another thing that I am never going to tell other escorts about. It is my secret.