How I Made Her Moan Nonstop

I had just arrived home from a long business trip, tired and sexually starved. It was evening, and I took shower as my wife prepared coffee for me so that I could replenish my energy. After changing clothes, I went back to the living room, sat in my usual position and took a hot cup of coffee.

All of a sudden, my wife came into the living room with her clothes off. She was only wearing a pink panty which blew my mind in an instant. Her sexy things and succulent boobs made my penis riot inside my underwear. She was horny. Lucky enough, nobody was in the house. I swore to make her moan like never before.

She came closer to me, wriggling her fleshy round hips which made me salivate uncontrollably. My penis was instantly hard. I could feel as if it was tearing my trouser. ‘’Honey I need it right now’’, she whispered into my ear softly.

I held her in my arms, kissed her as a sign that I was indeed ready. I hated yes answers especially when it comes to sex issues. Action speaks louder than words. That has always been my slogan. She looked at me with sexy eyes, reached for my trousers and pulled out my penis. She began to suck it with pleasure. I became fully stimulated and wanted to prove to her that I was the king of her vagina.

She gave me a mind-blowing blow job until I was almost ejaculating. I held her like a baby, placed her on the sofa in bend over position. I took off all my clothes and inserted my magic penis inside her wet vagina. I penetrated slowly at first, then begin to pump her with increasing speed.

My wife began to moan like a baby. I fucked her so well until she began to beg me for pump it harder. Who was I to refuse such a request? I pumped her pussy hard until she screamed like a frightened girl. I touched her clitoris and continued with the action until she achieved multiple orgasms.

We changed to different sex positions both in the living room and bedroom until we could no longer do it. We were both sexually satisfied. She told me that although she forgets things easily, she will never forget that evening. She admitted that indeed I am the king of her vagina.

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