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I love my dildo and I think that I have gone dildo mad. My boyfriend does give me an orgasm but I need more than one. When we finish making love I always get my dildo or vibrators out and make sure that I come again. It is totally nuts I know but I am totally mad about sex toys. I have told all of my friends at London escorts that I don’t know what has come over me but I cannot stop playing with sex toys. My dildo is my best friend and I even take one with me to cheap London escorts.

In the past I was not that into sex toys, but I have to admit that sex toys have become a lot more exciting in recent years. Most of the girls at cheap London escorts do actually use sex toys and some of the girls at London escorts even market them on their own web sites. I think that more and more people are actually getting into sex toys, and I must admit that I think it is a good thing. We have learned a lot about the positive effects of good sex during the last couple of years, and I think that is what fuels are interest in sex toys.

Many of the girls at cheap London escorts also think that sex toys have become important as we explore our sexualities. Let’s be honest, with the help of sex toys you can enjoy yourself with both men and women. Like some of my colleagues I am bisexual and perhaps this is one of the reasons why I really enjoy using sex toys. The truth is that they can bring you enormous pleasure when you use them right. I think that a lot of people buy sex toys and never use them right. There is certainly a case for providing instructional videos with sex toys and I think that it is important to do so.

Most of the girls at cheap London escorts feel the same way as I do, and they think that if the companies that sell sex toys did so, sales would go through the roof. I have to say that I agree with that 100 percent. After all, you can get instructional videos in everything else, so why should you not get them as part of buying a sex toy. I just think that we are being a little bit too prudish when it come to sex toys. If we learned how to use them correctly, we would certainly get a lot more pleasure out of our sex toys.

Am I addicted to sex toys? Yes, I think that I am certainly addicted to sex toys and I think that many more people would appreciate them. I have just ordered some new toys that I have never tried before and one of them is a remote control vibrator. My boyfriend can actually control the vibrator through an APP on his phone.

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